Fabryka Wyrobów Cukierniczych JAGO (Confectionery Factory JAGO) produces such exquisite confectionery goods as wafers, wafer rolls with filling, biscuits, cookies, cream-filled biscuits and a whole range of chocolate-covered sweets. The company was established in 1969. Since that moment we have been perfecting our recipes and the taste of our products by using only raw materials of the highest quality. Our continuous investments in modern machines and innovations let us achieve exceptional quality of our goods. This is confirmed by certificates, awards and, most importantly, our customers’ satisfaction.

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    Fabryka Wyrobów Cukierniczych
    Jan Gogolewski

    Zakład Pracy Chronionej
    ul. Objazdowa 2
    85-882 Bydgoszcz
    tel. 52 363 41 41
    fax. 52 363 41 11
    email info@jago.bydg.pl